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Use Architectural Wall Panels to Achieve Your Favourite Décor Style

architectural wall panel

The interior décor style you choose will shape the look and feel of your entire home. But achieving the aesthetic you’re after isn’t easy – it’s a careful balance between big ticket items, statement pieces, and the finishing touches that will tie it all together. Here, the team at Feature Panel look at three popular décor styles in New Zealand, and how our architectural wall panels can bring each one to life.


The clean lines and neutral colour palettes of this interior design style has become a favourite among many Kiwi households. If you’re partial to a minimalist home, you probably like tidy rooms that feel open, spacious, and light. 

Because the minimalist aesthetic is simple and clutter-free, it can leave a room feeling a little lacking if it’s not done right. To avoid this, architectural wall panels painted in a neutral colour can add some texture to a room without being too busy. The tidy, crisp lines in our Legacy and Ridge feature panels can help you execute this look perfectly.

Ridge Profile in Master Bedroom

*Ridge Profile painted 'Waiau Bay' by Dulux

Mid-Century Modern

If you love a space that transports you to the mid-1900s, you’re a mid-century fan. This décor style is characterised by bold colours, geometric patterns, and gentle curves in furniture reminiscent of the 1950s.

To achieve a mid-century modern home, a statement piece or two works great as a focal point. Pair this with a vintage vase, some geometric art, and painted architectural wall panels in retro colours like burnt orange or mustard yellow.

Alternatively/additionally our flex range in black walnut is the perfect addition to your mid-century modern space. The warmth that the black walnut wood creates is second to none. 

An innovative way to add an extra touch of mid-century to any room is to make use of our flex feature wall panels. When wrapped around up-cycled furniture,  i.e, table legs, coffee tables or entry ways, it can draw your eye to the curves that mid-century is famous for.

  Mid century Ripple profile 

*Ripple flex Profile in Black Walnut

*Ripple Profile Painted 'Hopelands double' by Dulux


A popular style in New Zealand homes and baches alike, the coastal décor offers a relaxed, beachy feel using natural materials and coastal colours of creams, blues, and turquoise. We especially love the Wave, Ripple or Legacy architectural wall panels, their rounded edges a subtle nod to the ocean’s waves.

Alternatively utilise Feature Panel's flex range in Oak. Adding textured wooden curve to your kitchen island, window seat or TV wall might be just what you need to completely transform your space, adding warmth and texture.  

To tie the whole room together, paint a feature wall in blue or turquoise hues, and pair it with white walls, textured pillows, and rattan decorative items, such as woven baskets. To achieve a coastal Kiwi décor, it’s all about little reminders of the sea sprinkled throughout the room.
Architectural Wall Panels Will Bring this Look to Life. 

Beach bach using the legacy profile in blue

*Legacy Profile painted 'Franz Josef Double' by Dulux 

Feature Panel can help you achieve whatever aesthetic you are after. We love talking about all things interior décor – check out our range of easy-to-install architectural feature walls or get in touch for more ideas and inspiration.