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Our story began at home in Mount Maunganui, NZ. Back in 2015, we created a business named ‘Twelve Tables’—a wedding hire business. A significant aspect of our wedding hire venture involved custom-making furniture, bars, walls, and interior decor for the most acclaimed designers and stylists throughout New Zealand.

We crafted numerous paneled, curved, and textured pieces, all from scratch with individual dowels. We yearned for a product like Feature Panel, but at that time, nothing like it existed. That’s what sparked the idea.

A few years ago, we handed over the hire business, and we embarked on a mission to develop/design and bring impactful wall panels to NZ that would satisfy the needs of both acclaimed architects and designers, as well as our local DIYers.

We now offer a diverse and growing range of profiles that are both beautiful and functional.

Whether you're looking to transform your home with a statement wall, add texture to your commercial space, update your kitchen, if you're building new or simply looking for a fun DIY project, we've got you covered, New Zealand-wide.

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