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Some of our more Frequently Asked Questions.

Lead times will vary based on your location.

Once your order has been received, ensuring stock allows, your order will be processed within two working days.

We are working on having several showrooms throughout NZ, but until then, you can order a sample box of each profile to be delievred to your door.

Yes Feature Panels Fine Line range can be fixed over steel frames. Contact your local registered builder for the recommended screws to suit your framing.

Right here, online to be shipped to you via our website www.featurepanel.co.nz.

In order to save material and prevent wastage, we suggest starting from each of the sheets opening, to avoid cutting large holes in the middle of sheets.

No, there is no need to glue the joiner into the edge of the feature panel.

It should hold in place until the next panel is installed/joined, creating a seamless tounge and groove system.

We recommend that safety glasses and masks are worn when working with any timber product, especially when cutting or sanding.

You may also consider wearing disposable gloves when using adhesives to minimise the exposure to your skin.

Please refer to our 'Installation guide'.

A flexible construction adhesive or stud adhesive (MS silicone) can be used for fixing the sheets to studs, noggins and on to existing walls. You must also fix into the framework structure using nails and/or screws.

No, Feature Panel should not be used in wet areas or splash zones. It should not be used where steam, high humidity or heat are present.

Feature Panel is unable to provide recommended installers. However, given the ease of installation, any professional builder, carpenter or handy DIY'er will have no problem installing the panels. Feature Panel also provide a range of installation videos and guides via our Instagram page to help you in the installation process, and we are also happy to answer any questions via email or phone.

Almost all of the installation steps are covered in our DIY videos via our instagram page. You can also call or email us, should you have any installation questions, we are more than happy to help.

When using a registered builder, the builder should ensure the cavity will not have any form of condensation/moisture issues. Therefore, painting/sealing the rear sides of the board is not required.

When considering installing Feature Panel near a fireplace please consult our fireplace guide.

Please also consult with the correct professional heating appliance specialist for any building code requirements. We recommend looking at your fireplace manufacturer's advice, as this will override our recommendations.

Our suggested 'Must Haves' to install your Feature Panel:

  • Tape measure
  • Circular Saw or hand saw
  • Packers for the base expansion gap
  • Bond adhesive/glue to attach your panel to the framing or exisiting wall
  • Hammer and nails (or screws)
  • Joint sealant (a flexible and paintable MS silicon is recommended for a seamless join)
  • Filler to fill nail/screw holes
  • Sandpaper to smooth filled holes
  • Your choice of interior paint to achieve the finished result

No, Feature Panel is not reccomened for any ceiling or floor applications.

Yes, as long as it will not come into contact with liquid / water.

When installing around a kitchen island, a toe kick is recommended.